Child maintenance claims to rise under 2024 national guidelines

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Next year’s “Düsseldorfer Tabelle” has been released. The latest guidelines, which become operative on January 1, 2024, recommend an increase in child maintenance claims.

The guidelines, which are recognized throughout Germany as an effective benchmark for maintenance claims after a child’s parents separate or divorce, are mainly based on the parents’ living conditions and the age of the child, explains MTR Legal Rechtsanwälte, whose areas of expertise include family law.

Düsseldorf’s higher regional court – the Oberlandesgericht (OLG) Düsseldorf – has been issuing maintenance guidelines since 1979. Though these are used by courts to calculate maintenance entitlements, they are not binding.

Minimum payments to rise from January 1, 2024

Under the 2024 guidelines, the minimum support payments have risen again, both for minors and for adult children.

The maintenance entitlement for children up to six years of age will increase by 43 euros to 480 euros from January 1, 2024. Children up to the age of twelve are entitled to 551 euros, which represents an increase of 49 euros. From age 13 until they reach the age of majority, the entitlement is increasing by 57 euros to 645 euros. And for adult children, the equivalent figure is rising to 689 euros.

Income brackets raised

These are the maintenance rates for the first income bracket, which now ends at an income of 2,100 euros. The other income brackets have also been raised by 200 euros each.

The increase in these rates for the first income bracket also means increases to the maintenance entitlements in the other income brackets, with these increasing in each case by five percent up to the fifth income bracket (up to 3,700 euros) and thereafter by eight percent.

The maintenance rate for student children who do not live with their parents remains unchanged at 930 euros and can be higher under certain circumstances.

Child benefit is expected to remain at 250 euros per child in 2024 and will be factored into the equation.

Deductible also set to increase

January 1 will usher in increases not only to child maintenance claims but also to the deductible for parents who are liable to pay maintenance. The deductible for a non-working person liable to pay maintenance will increase from 1,120 euros to 1,200 euros. For maintenance debtors who work, the equivalent figure will rise from 1,370 euros to 1,450 euros.

Notwithstanding the relative certainty that the Düsseldorfer Tabelle provides, maintenance claims always have the potential to lead to disputes. The team at MTR Legal Rechtsanwälte is well placed to advise on maintenance claims as well as on a wide range of other issues relating to family law.

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