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Arbeitsrecht-Anwalt-Rechtsanwalt-Kanzlei-MTR Legal Rechtsanwälte
Steuerrecht-Anwalt-Rechtsanwalt-Kanzlei-MTR Legal Rechtsanwälte
Arbeitsrecht-Anwalt-Rechtsanwalt-Kanzlei-MTR Legal Rechtsanwälte

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Competent legal advice for businesses and private clients

MTR Legal Lawyers is represented in the Baden-Württemberg state capital of Stuttgart with a strong team of highly qualified attorneys. In the important industrial hub of Stuttgart, our lawyers are competent partners in matters of business law, employment law, and tax law. Additionally, MTR Legal Lawyers in Stuttgart also represents the interests of private clients with dedication and legal expertise. Our lawyers provide advice in civil law and serve as competent partners for private clients in the Stuttgart region, particularly in family law and inheritance law.

You can find MTR Legal Lawyers in Stuttgart in a central location on Lautenschlagerstraße. Ample parking is available nearby, in the Bülow Carre underground parking garage on Thouretstraße.




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Comprehensive legal advice in Stuttgart

Cross-disciplinary legal advice from A to Z

In our law firm in Stuttgart, our lawyers provide comprehensive legal advice from A such as Employment Law to Z such as Civil Law. With our diverse team of lawyers, we cover all essential legal areas and can offer our national and international clientele interdisciplinary legal advice under one roof. Our lawyers advise, among others, on

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Tailored solutions with discretion

Our lawyers in Stuttgart advocate for the interests of our national and international clientele with high legal expertise and passion. We do not offer one-size-fits-all legal advice; instead, we always assess the circumstances on a case-by-case basis and then tailor a solution that meets the interests of our clients. Legal problems are often complex and involve various legal areas. Thanks to our diverse team of experienced lawyers in Stuttgart, we can provide interdisciplinary legal advice and solutions under one roof. Our competent lawyers advise both entrepreneurs, freelancers, and private clients with high legal expertise and commitment.

Erbrecht-Anwalt-Rechtsanwalt-Kanzlei-MTR Legal Rechtsanwälte
Arbeitsrecht-Anwalt-Rechtsanwalt-Kanzlei-MTR Legal Rechtsanwälte
Arbeitsrecht-Anwalt-Rechtsanwalt-Kanzlei-MTR Legal Rechtsanwälte
Arbeitsrecht-Anwalt-Rechtsanwalt-Kanzlei-MTR Legal Rechtsanwälte
Arbeitsrecht-Anwalt-Rechtsanwalt-Kanzlei-MTR Legal Rechtsanwälte

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Competence in commercial law and white collar criminal law

Representation in international legal disputes

As a business law firm, MTR Legal Lawyers in Stuttgart is a competent partner for entrepreneurs, business owners, and self-employed individuals in all matters of national and international business law. MTR Legal has strong connections with international firms, enabling us to provide competent legal advice and pursue the interests of our clients consistently, even in cross-border disputes.

The legal advice provided by our lawyers in our Stuttgart office covers various aspects of business law, including competition law and antitrust law, foreign trade law, economic criminal law, and intellectual property law.

We assist companies in drafting legally secure contracts, even in international business relations. In legal disputes, we represent the interests of our clients both out-of-court and in court proceedings.

If you are facing criminal allegations, our lawyers are here to support you as a trusted partner. Additionally, we provide guidance on establishing an effective compliance system.

Advising shareholders, managing directors and board members on corporate law

Competent contacts from company formation to dissolution

In corporate law, our lawyers in Stuttgart serve as competent advisors to shareholders, directors, and board members. Thanks to our interdisciplinary approach, we can draw on the experience of our legal team in related areas such as commercial law.

Our team in Stuttgart provides advice ranging from the formation of the company, choice of legal form, corporate housekeeping, and shareholder meetings to restructuring or dissolution of the company.

In cases of disputes among shareholders, we provide guidance on conflict resolution to swiftly resolve shareholder disputes and prevent serious repercussions on the company.

If the company encounters financial difficulties, our lawyers in Stuttgart explore options for restructuring and provide advice on insolvency-related matters.

Competent advice about the workplace

Representation of both employers and employees in the industrial hub of Stuttgart

In employment law, our team in Stuttgart advises employers, employees, and executives. We ensure the legally secure drafting of employment contracts and provide advice on terminations, severance agreements, or severance payments.

Even though we advise both employers and employees on legal issues related to the workplace, this does not create a conflict of interest. We consistently advocate for the interests of our clients in each individual case and vigorously pursue them. Our clients benefit from the high legal expertise and experience of our lawyers in Stuttgart.

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Certainly inreal estate law

Comprehensive legal advice for real estate purchases and sales.

In real estate transactions, nothing should be left to chance. To ensure this doesn’t happen, our lawyers in Stuttgart ensure that every real estate purchase or sale is legally sound. We explain various legal aspects from contract drafting to liability for defects to prevent any unpleasant surprises later on.

Similarly, we are competent partners for tenants and landlords in commercial lease law.

Use the scope for design in tax law

Comprehensive advice for entrepreneurs and private clients

In tax law, our lawyers in Stuttgart provide advice to both entrepreneurs and private clients. We identify tax planning opportunities and advise on optimizing the utilization of tax allowances. For entrepreneurs, business owners, and self-employed individuals, we serve as reliable partners in disputes with tax authorities.

For private clients, we provide advice on matters such as inheritance tax and gift tax.

We also serve as contacts in cases of allegations of tax offenses and provide guidance on the legally secure preparation of a voluntary disclosure for tax evasion.

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Avoid pitfalls in inheritance law

Legally secure drafting of a will – heirs’ claims

In Germany, substantial assets are inherited annually, and Stuttgart is no exception. However, there are some legal pitfalls in inheritance law. Therefore, MTR Legal Lawyers offers comprehensive advice in inheritance law for both private clients and entrepreneurs.

In inheritance law, without a will or inheritance contract, the statutory succession applies. This can be bypassed by the testator through a will. For statutory heirs who are not considered in the will, this means that they are entitled to their compulsory share. This often leads to legal disputes among the heirs.

To avoid protracted legal disputes, our lawyers in Stuttgart assist you in drafting a legally secure will. Likewise, we represent heirs in asserting their claims.

Family law – Advice from marriage contracts to divorce

Representation of your interests in matters of custody

Prenuptial agreements, divorce, alimony, custody – these are all crucial aspects of family law when a relationship breaks down. Often, this marks the beginning of protracted legal disputes in an emotionally charged atmosphere. MTR Legal Lawyers advises on family law with the necessary empathy, but also with a cool head, to assert the legal interests of their clients.

Many disputes can be settled before they arise – with a prenuptial agreement. Our lawyers assist you in the legally secure drafting of a prenuptial agreement and, of course, in all other matters of family law. We guide you through separation and divorce and represent your interests in matters of custody or alimony claims.

Contact person for private and institutional investors in banking and capital markets law

Representation of private and business clients against the bank

We represent the interests of entrepreneurs and private clients, as well as institutional and private investors in banking and capital markets law.

The list of failed capital investments is long. We inform affected investors about their legal options and examine whether any claims for damages have arisen against the issuer, investment advisor, or auditor.

In addition, the investment advice provided by the bank may have been faulty. Whether it concerns failed investments, corporate financing, or loans – we represent the claims of business and private clients against their bank. 

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