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Arbeitsrecht-Anwalt-Rechtsanwalt-Kanzlei-MTR Legal Rechtsanwälte

International legal advice at MTR Legal

Your law firm for cross-border legal matters

MTR Legal provides top-quality legal advice in the field of international law with a special focus on solving complex cross-border legal challenges. Our lawyers are highly qualified and have extensive experience in various jurisdictions, enabling them to develop individual and effective solutions for our clients. MTR Legal is committed to providing comprehensive and structured advice based on the specific needs and goals of our clients, whether in commercial, corporate, labor, or investment matters. By combining local-specific knowledge with international expertise, we strive to navigate our clients through the complexity of international law and help them succeed in a globalized world.




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Successful international legal advice

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International trade law

Advise for cross-border trading activities

Our lawyers will guide you through the complex requirements of international trade law. Whether you are conducting business, negotiating contracts or resolving legal disputes – we stand by your side and offer precise, strategic advice. Our expertise includes dealing with tariffs, trade agreements, and the specific laws and regulations of various countries. We assist you in minimizing risks and making the best business decisions.

International business law

Secure navigation through global economic landscapes

Our team offers comprehensive advice in international business law. We support you in tackling the regulatory challenges and economic conditions in different jurisdictions to ensure sustainable success. We assist you in resolving legal issues that may arise from global business activities, from contract drafting to dispute resolution. We understand the dynamics of the global market and use our expertise to advise you optimally.

International intellectual property law

Protection and enforcement of your rights worldwide

At MTR Legal, we are prepared to support you in securing and enforcing your intellectual property rights on an international level. We help you protect your ideas and innovations across borders, including registering trademarks and patents, defending against counterfeit products, and resolving complex licensing agreements. Our goal is to effectively safeguard your intellectual property and maximize your business success.

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Erbrecht-Anwalt-Rechtsanwalt-Kanzlei-MTR Legal Rechtsanwälte
Arbeitsrecht-Anwalt-Rechtsanwalt-Kanzlei-MTR Legal Rechtsanwälte
Arbeitsrecht-Anwalt-Rechtsanwalt-Kanzlei-MTR Legal Rechtsanwälte
Arbeitsrecht-Anwalt-Rechtsanwalt-Kanzlei-MTR Legal Rechtsanwälte
Arbeitsrecht-Anwalt-Rechtsanwalt-Kanzlei-MTR Legal Rechtsanwälte

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International family law

We advise and support with cross-border family matters

Our approach in international family law is to develop strategies to manage the personal and legal challenges that come with international family situations. We advise and represent you on all matters of international family law, from marriage and partnership design to custody and property division.

International inheritance law

Assistance with cross-border inheritance issues

Our lawyers safely navigate you through international inheritance law. We stand by your side when you have to deal with the settlement of an international estate. This includes determining the competent legal system, enforcing inheritance claims and advising on tax matters. With our comprehensive expertise and dedicated advice, we support you in mastering these complex tasks.

International labour law

Design and evaluation of employment relationships in an international context

Our lawyers are well-versed in advising on employment relationships with an international component. We assist in the legally secure structuring of employment contracts and represent you in employment disputes. Whether it’s about sending employees abroad, cross-border restructuring, or international social security issues, we stand by your side and provide you with a thorough and individualized consultation.

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International company law

Strategic consulting on cross-border corporate law issues

We provide comprehensive support in resolving international corporate law challenges. Our lawyers offer strategic and results-oriented advice. Whether it’s establishing a foreign company, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, or resolving corporate disputes, we leverage our extensive knowledge and years of experience to protect your interests.

International tax law

Assistance with international tax matters

MTR Legal advises and represents you in tax matters in an international context. We help you avoid international tax pitfalls and fulfill your tax obligations. Our lawyers provide you with comprehensive advice on all aspects of international tax law, from double taxation to complex cross-border tax structuring and planning.

International competition law

Assistance and representation in international competition matters

Our lawyers offer comprehensive counseling on international competition law. We aid in safeguarding your interests and ensuring fairness in competition. This entails advising on the development of sales and marketing strategies, resolving disputes relating to unfair competition, and counseling on compliance with international cartel and abuse of dominance regulations.

International banking law

Advice on cross-border banking transactions

MTR Legal is here to assist you with international banking and financial transactions. Our lawyers provide comprehensive advice to ensure your business is in compliance with international standards. We help you meet the ever-changing regulatory requirements and provide guidance on complex cross-border transactions.

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International capital markets law

Advisory services for international capital markets transactions

We offer you comprehensive advice and support in international capital markets law. Whether it’s about going public, issuing securities, fulfilling disclosure obligations, or dealing with capital market disputes – our lawyers are by your side. We provide strategic advice to help you navigate the global capital markets safely and successfully.

International privacy law

Assistance with private law issues with an international scope

In international private law, we are your strong partner. Our lawyers provide comprehensive advice on the evaluation of cross-border legal relationships, including the determination of applicable law, clarification of court jurisdictions, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and decisions. We support you in solving these complex tasks and are committed to advocating for your interests.

International procedural law

Assistance with cross-border legal disputes

Our experienced lawyers offer comprehensive support in all aspects of international procedural law. You can rely on our expertise when it comes to enforcing or defending claims in international legal disputes. We help you choose the right jurisdiction, understand complex service of process rules, and have a thorough knowledge of foreign evidence-gathering procedures. Moreover, we advise you on the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments. With our strategic and solution-oriented approach, we protect your interests on a global level.

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