International Family Law

International family law plays an increasingly important role as the number of bi-national marriages grows. At the same time, however, each state has its own regulations on international family law.

International Family Law - MTR Rechtsanwälte

This often results in issues when multinational marriages end. Therefore, it is questionable what the applicable law should be for a divorce and its consequential matters. Such matters include property law, child custody, alimony, visitation rights, and pension rights equalization. In particular, the custody and visiting rights for child or children are specially relevant amongst the international aspects of bi-national marriages.

In these often emotionally charged situations, it is important to have a reliable and experienced lawyer on one's side, who perfectly understands both the national and international family law. Not least because foreign relations demand the correct application and analysis of multiple national and international rules. To that end, our lawyers provide comprehensive advice and take all time necessary to understand your personal situation.

In case of bi-national marriages, however, it is also possible to adopt certain precautionary measures through a prenuptial agreement. This can be accomplished through the choice of applicable law, which results in increased security and reduced stress from the outset. The attorneys of MTR Rechtsanwälte advice you on every detail.

In the event of marriage failure, you can settle a broad range of disputes through out-of-court and mutually agreed separation and divorce agreements. We encourage you to seek advice and counsel in this regard and settle amicably inasmuch as possible. MTR Rechtsanwälte's lawyers will design for you the appropriate arrangements in full compliance with all applicable regulations.

Given its relevance, international family affairs should only be transferred to a lawyer you can trust. Our lawyers will advise you in detail about the marriage agreement options available and provide assistance in asserting your claims - both nationally and internationally.

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