Competition Law

Competition law primarily serves two major areas: preventing unfair competition and the formation of cartels. Its legal basis lies mainly in the law against unfair competition (Gesetz gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb; UWG), and the law against competition restrictions (Gesetz gegen Wettbewerbsbeschränkungen; GWB). Essentially, competition law pursues the goal of free competition.

Competition law - MTR Rechtsanwälte

Therefore, the UWG regulates practices between market participants, especially amongst competitors. It is not uncommon for anti-competitive practices to arise between competitors, which can be committed both consciously and unconsciously.

The consequences of this are frequent warnings, injunctions, claims for compensation and moreover actions for injunctions by a company which considers its rights breached by another market participant.

If you have received a warning, it is important to act quickly. Get legal advice immediately from a competent lawyer. We at MTR Rechtsanwälte provide you with a lawyer who is active in the field of competition law and is the best informed in this respect. Our lawyer will check whether you have acted in violation of competitive law. Next, they will contact the opposing party in order to manoeuver you out of this situation as unscathed as possible. If you believe that the behavior of another market participant has violated your rights, MTR Rechtsanwälte is also the right partner. Our lawyers will examine any claims for injunctive relief and damages and assist you both in and out of court when they are implemented.

MTR Rechtsanwälte is a team of committed and highly-motivated lawyers. We would be happy to offer you comprehensive and individual advice for all matters relating to the subject of competition law.

We advise on Competition Law in Germany.

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