Family Law

Whether marriage contract, divorce, alimony or custody, in family law all depends on the lawyer who will represent your interests with empathy, tact, and negotiating skills. Rest assured that your legal inquiry is in the best hands with a MTR Rechtsanwälte´s lawyer because you are leveraging a group of lawyers who keep a cool head in emotionally charged situations.


Every divorce is preceded by a separation. Before you take concrete steps to separate such as leaving the common household, you should consult with a lawyer. MTR Rechtsanwälte provides you with trusted advice on all aspects to be considered before separation.

Separation alimony

Separation is usually tied to the separation alimony issue. At MTR Rechtsanwälte, a lawyer specialized in family law for employees and self-employed, will determine how their claim for separation alimony can be best enforced, including tax bracket considerations. Conversely, should you be confronted with a separation alimony claim, a lawyer of our law firm will help in warding off excessive demands from your former partner.

Post-divorce alimony

Post-alimony is one of the most contention-prone areas in divorce proceedings: The post-divorce spousal support. What the alimony recipient often considers meagre and insufficient, is seen as excessive by the alimony-obliged person. In this situation, you need a lawyer who will proceed in a diplomatic and strategically optimal way. Our lawyers dominate the many ways post-divorce alimony agreements may be designed, including justified increases and time and/or amount restrictions.

New alimony law

Since reform of the alimony law, spouses are given greater autonomy with respect to post-divorce spouse alimony. That raises again the question, even for long divorced couples, of the right to spousal alimony. At our firm, you will enjoy the assistance of a lawyer familiar with the new family law and receive a solid answer to all your alimony-related inquiries.

Child alimony

Family law regards children's well-being as a top priority upon divorce. Thus, the parents’ alimony duties do not end with their separation. In fact, this also includes children from other partnerships. Here, you need a lawyer who carefully calculates your children's alimony. Our lawyers will gladly explain how you can effectively enforce your right to alimony. On the other hand, it is important that your lawyer provides defence against excessive claims. Because child support is for the good of the child, not the financing of the parents.


As a general rule, the law provides for joint custody for married couples, even after divorce. Should the joint custody prove detrimental to the child, the court will transfer the custody to one parent. Now, our experience shows that when married couples argue over custody of the child, sometimes it is more about their own struggles and less so about the child's well-being. Our lawyers will help you enforce your right to custody in your children's best interest.

Visiting rights

Even when children live with their mother after the divorce, they are entitled to see and interact with their father. For both parents, this means that they are entitled - and obliged - to regular contact and visits to their children. We encourage you to seek our lawyers' advice to determine how your visiting rights should be regarded.

Pension rights equalization

Pension rights equalization consists in balancing the pension entitlements that you and your spouse have accrued during your marriage. These are primarily legal claims against the pension fund. However, occupational pensions also fall under the pension rights equalization scope. As a rule, this is controlled by the divorce court. In addition, our lawyers can provide their valuable assistance in solving any related family right inquiries.

Parents alimony

Our alimony obligation is not only towards our children but also and fundamentally towards our elderly parents. In practice, this means dealing with the social security administration. Their demands can quickly overwhelm anybody and, needless to say, do not help your elderly parents. Before you respond to the demands of the social security administration, we encourage you to seek comprehensive advice on the conditions and possibilities of defence.

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