Banking Law

We provide comprehensive banking law consultancy and legal representation services for loans, current accounts, consultancy liability or asset management.

Banking Law

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Contract negotiations

Our law firm provides protection to bank customers. Our lawyers review contracts, find loopholes in contract clauses and put bank customers in a stronger position in their business transactions with banks.


If a bank customer is unable to service a loan, the bank will threaten foreclosure and cancellation of the loan. As a law firm, we advise you to use professional assistance for loans that are critical. We would recommend that you look for a lawyer who is familiar with banking law at an early stage. The sooner you are aware of the risks, the better our lawyers can help you to protect your rights and interests when obtaining loans.


Banks occasionally exploit personal relationships when arranging loans. In such cases, the bank may, for example, link the provision of credit to other persons, in addition to the borrower, being liable for repayment. These may be parents, siblings, spouses or life partners. These persons are referred to as loan guarantors or joint liability borrowers. What many people do not know: The courts have placed tight restrictions on banks for guaranteeing loans. Having loans guaranteed by close relatives is often immoral. The same applies to certain types of joint liability. Our lawyers will find out whether it is really compulsory for you to be liable for a loan.

Asset management

Do you want to place asset management in the hands of your bank? If so, we recommend that you first have a lawyer perform a legal review of the contracts. That will help you avoid a lot of trouble in the future. We also help if you have doubts about the asset management capabilities of your bank. Our firm will put your bank's investment management operations under the microscope: has the bank violated investment guidelines? is there any evidence of excessive fees? or has the bank been rewarded by third parties without informing you about commissions? In such cases, our firm will help you to enforce your rights.

Consultancy liability

The same investment consultancy rules exist for banks as for independent investment consultants. Specifically: banking advisers must also provide their customers with appropriate, investor-friendly advice. Investment advice is appropriate if the banking adviser informs the customer about all relevant aspects of the investment decision. Investor-friendly means that the bank's investment adviser takes account of the bank customer's needs, investment objectives and knowledge. Our lawyers will also find out in your case whether the bank employee has violated any obligations relating to the provision of advice. We then claim damages on your behalf.


Have you embarked on a losing investment project on the advice of your bank? If so, you should check whether the bank has collected commission for arranging the investment without your knowledge. If this is the case, the bank has violated its duty to advise you, thus entitling you to claim damages. Many bank customers believe that the are in the weaker position in the event of a dispute. The lawyers at MTR Rechtsanwälte will ensure that you are on an equal footing in any dispute, either in or out of court.

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