Tax Audit

Notification of an audit is always unpleasant, even for those who have paid their taxes in full. It is an especially negative experience because the audit generally takes place during regular business hours in the offices of the individual subject to taxation.

Tax Audit - MTR Rechtsanwälte

The audit can be carried out at the tax accountant’s office as an exception. The auditors are usually entitled to observe the individual’s properties and places of business. The auditor may have already collected a lot of information from annual accounts, excess of revenue bills, as well as tax statements about you prior to the audit. It is unfortunately also possible that in addition, the auditor has gathered information by accessing court files or by auditing your business partners or other authorities.

Nevertheless, remain calm and get in touch with one of our competent accountants.

The tax accountants and lawyers at MTR Rechtsanwälte will help you to prepare for a tax audit. In a comprehensive discussion we will determine discussion points and counterpoints prior to an upcoming audit at your company.

The auditor must inspect the basis of taxation both to the disadvantage of the individual subject to taxation as well as to his or her advantage. The legal basis for the audit is the General Tax Code and Audit Regulations. We accompany you during the audit all the way to the conclusion of the audit. In particular, we will help you in the final meeting to negotiate the best possible solution for you using our experienced negotiation skills.

If the audit has already taken place and you dispute the result of the audit, the tax accountants and lawyers at MTR Rechtsanwälte will check whether an appeal is prudent and in your best interest.

Additionally, your tax accountant and lawyer will ensure that all legal aspects are kept in consideration. We will especially check whether a voluntary declaration may be necessary and prudent for you.

We advise on Tax Audit in Germany.

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