Commercial Law of Tenancy and Lease

The statutory regulations for commercial rentals differ in some significant ways from residential rentals. In particular, commercial rental relationships lack the special protection against dismissal and the so-called social clause, i.e., the right to appeal against a dismissal of the tenant.

Commercial Law of Tenancy and Lease - MTR Rechtsanwälte

In commercial rentals, the rental contract design is of the utmost importance, as these are often long-term and require considerable investments for the conversion of rental properties. Therefore, it is highly advisable to examine a commercial rental contract with an experienced lawyer before its conclusion. The lawyers at MTR Rechtsanwälte will be glad to do so while ensuring that your contract meets your business requirements.

The advisory services of our firm also include the creation of rental contracts for commercial landlords and tenants. In doing so, your interests will be incorporated to the contract in a legally effective manner from the start, thus preventing subsequent issues or misunderstandings. We assign you an experienced lawyer, who provides comprehensive advice on your legal options. For example, in case of temporary rental contracts, it may be advisable to include unilateral renewal options in the contract. However, for perpetual rental contracts, it may be appropriate to adopt agreements diverging from the statutory notice. Furthermore, the commercial rental contract should contain provisions on rent adjustment for the entire rental term, since no statutory provision exists for this purpose. The commercial law of tenancy and lease offers several control options, which the lawyers of MTR Rechtsanwälte will leverage for your personal benefit. Landlords may also enjoy the assistance of MTR lawyer's upon payment-unwilling or defaulting tenants. We shall advise on your contract resolution options and whether to file -if necessary- an eviction lawsuit. Finally, our experienced lawyers can help you enforce compensation claims.

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