International Tax Law

We advise on International Tax Law. The expanding globalization is the reason for an increasing number of extraterritorial cases that must be legally regulated. Here, special attention must be paid: improper double taxation could be levied in case all involved states enforce their rights.

In order to avoid such a problem, not only national laws, but also international treaties such as Double Taxation Treaties, are of great importance. 

We offer you comprehensive legal counsel about all important provisions of the German and the European Tax Laws. Furthermore, double taxation treaties - if available - need to be viewed and studied. 

Especially under expanding business operations over the German territories, strategic planning becomes a necessity whilst the issue of the tax laws must not be overlooked. Special consideration must be granted if new business premises are to be established in a foreign country. If such premises have already been established, the fiscal consequences could be considerable. In case business premises are established in another country, the concerned authorities have consequently the right to levy taxes. Whether that would be wise is a question depending not solely on the tax rates of the concerned country. If you have a tax liability in a foreign country, you are strongly advised to calculate the bureaucratic and administrative expenses - regarding tax declaration for instance.

The legal counsel of a competent lawyer in such cases is mandatory. MTR Rechtsanwälte can provide you with the support of an attorney in national and international tax laws. We examine your case and guide you through the possibilities you are offered.

As lawyers we provide you with comprehensive advice on International Tax Laws.

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