Kommanditgesellschaft KG / Limited Partnership

The Kommanditgesellschaft KG / Limited Partnership is a business partnership. It can be compared in legal terms to the general partnership (OHG). However, one major and important difference from the OHG is, that there should be at least one general partner, and also at least one limited partner. While the general partner is personally and fully liable for the liabilities of the company, the limited partner is only liable in the amount of a fixed liability.

The general partner’s liability in respect to the company's obligations is personal and unlimited. However, the limited partner’s amount of liability is limited. It often corresponds to the contribution that he provides upon entering the company.

The number of general and limited partners in a partnership is not limited. Therefore, a theoretically unlimited number of partners can participate in a single KG partnership. The limited partnership is subject to the regulations of the German Civil Code and the Commercial Code.

If you intend to set up a KG partnership, a conclusion of articles of association is necessary. In order to fulfill all the legal requirements it is important to put your KG in responsible hands from the outset. A lawyer from the MTR Rechtsanwälte law firm is available for this. Our lawyers will advise you of the multifaceted possibilities, but also about any potential difficulties arising from the establishment of a KG partnership.

In order to keep your personal risk especially as a limited partner to a minimum, a lawyer from our firm can advise you.

Furthermore, it is important to survey your personal liability risks as a general partner, in order to be able to decide whether to enter into an existing company or to set up a new company. The decision for entering into a KG requires a review of your personal needs.

If any problems arise within an existing company, we are your reliable partner. We will advise you about solutions and their possible implementation.

Our lawyers can help you with setting up a KG, the articles of association, a change of partners and - if necessary - the dissolution of the company.

We advise on Kommanditgesellschaft KG / Limited Partnership in Germany.

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