GmbH & Co. KG

The GmbH & Co. KG is a partnership and is a variation of the usual partnership Kommanditgesellschaft KG. What is special about it is that its general partner, i.e. its unlimited liable partner, is not a natural person, but a Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, GmbH (Company with limited liability). The GmbH is in turn characterized by its liability limitations. Thus, there is actually no unlimited liability, unlike in the case of the usual limited partnership. It also offers the advantage that foreign managing directors can be appointed as a general partner of the GmbH.

The GmbH & Co. KG is externally represented by the managing director of the general partner, thus the GmbH.

It has legal capacity and the capacity to sue and be sued.

In preparation for a GmbH & Co. KG, the GmbH is set up, which will later serve as the general partner of the KG. Only after this has been entered in the commercial register the limited partnership also will be entered. The articles of association of the GmbH and the KG must be aligned in order to create a homogeneous company structure. Even before you set up your GmbH & Co.KG, get advised so that your company has a good foundation from the start and any problems can be avoided.

The corporate form of the GmbH & Co. KG offers a great deal of room for manoeuvre in terms of company law and tax law. Thus it is suitable both for publicly-owned and for family-owned companies. Our experienced KG lawyers will inform you about the many possibilities offered by the GmbH & Co. KG type of company. In order to make use of all the benefits and flexibility, it is important to place the formation of your company in competent hands. We will be happy to provide a lawyer from our office who specialises in company law.

We will advise you as to whether the GmbH & Co. KG is the right company form for all your needs. In addition, we are your reliable partner for any disputes that may arise within the GmbH & Co. KG. Our lawyers will advise you on conflicts between individual shareholders or on the dissolution of the company.

The advice provided by our lawyers includes considerations to help you choose the correct company form, preparing the articles of association, entry in the commercial register, as well as the dissolution of the company.

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